The Post Falls History Walk

Who We Are

In the fall of 2006, a nine year old from Post Falls visited Anacortes, Washington with her family.  While the purpose of the trip was to go whale watching, the child was enamored with the life like murals throughout the seaside town of Anacortes.  "Wouldn't that be neat if Post Falls had something like that?" Maddy Baker, then nine, spoke before the Post Falls City Council in December of 2006.  Mayor Clay Larkin gave her the green light to pursue the project and suggested that she enlist the help of the Post Falls Historical Society.  In January of 2007 the board members of the Historical Society agreed to partner with Ms. Baker.  Local artist Linda Fabrizius agreed to paint the life sized cut out figures while historian Kim Brown graciously offered her expertise.  Furthermore, Kim Brown developed the History Walk map linking several historical sites in Post Falls. 

In June, 2008, the first figure of town founder and namesake Frederick Post made his debut during the Post Falls Days Parade.  The following year several more past citizens who made a difference were completed.  Fourth graders studying Idaho history worked with Kim Brown to learn about the citizens and write biographical summaries of each.  In July of 2008 an unveiling ceremony was held as the first eight figures were installed on the sides of buildings along Spokane Street.  As Historian Kim Brown gave a brief overview of each citizen figure, the descendants of each came forward to shake hands with then eleven year old Maddy, making history come alive.

It is Maddy's hope that through the Post Falls History Walk Project citizens and tourists alike can feel connected to Post Falls and to the citizens, both past and present, that have shaped it into the community that it is today.

The Post Falls History Walk is supported by a small group of volunteers.  Building owners and business owners have generously agreed to host the History Walk's life sized murals.  Artist Linda Fabrizius paints the images provided by historian Kim Brown.  Maddy Baker speaks to organizations to gather additional support as figures are added each year throughout Post Falls.  Anacortes mural artist Bill Mitchell has given the Post Falls History Walk his blessing and hopes to one day travel to Post Falls and see what he inspired. 

During the summer of 2009 the History Walk project teamed up with Kimball Office.  Engineer Ken Lambie is created metal figures that can be cemented into the ground, solving the problem of finding building hosts with flat exteriors.  Figures of Mary Young, Walter Chapin's children were created in 2009 using this new material.  On Memorial Day, 2010 a veterans' mural was dedicated on the City Hall campus and two additional murals, Robert and Mary Templin and Mary Schell, were created.   It is our hope that  more citizen figures will be added to this project and throughout Post Falls each year, creating a treasure hunt of history for its citizens and visitors alike. - Fahrenheit

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