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Mary Long Eisenhauer: Teacher



Mary Long Eisenhauer


Beloved Teacher


Mural Figure Painted by Linda Fabrizius

Sponsored by the Post Falls Education Foundation

Hosted by the Post Falls Library- located inside the Children's Section

Written by Mrs. Wagner’s 2007-2008 4th Graders with Help from


 Kimberly Rice Brown, Historian 

          Mary Long Eisenhauer was born in 1893 on the Grangeville Ranch.  She attended a one room schoolhouse.  She rode to school on a horse with her five brothers.


        Mary moved to Post Falls in 1914.  She graduated from Lewis and Clark College.  She became a teacher in Post Falls and because she was single, she got the job.


        Originally, Mary wanted to teach Latin, but ended up teaching home economics.  She thought that both boys and girls needed to learn how to cook.  She made her class so much fun that the boys wanted to take home economics.


        In 1917 she married Herman Eisenhauer.  Mary had two children.  One of her children became a doctor and the other a teacher.


        In the end when she died, Mrs. Eisenhauer didn’t want flowers on her grave.  Instead she wanted a “sprig of parsley” on it.  She will be remembered for finding the good in even the worst of her students. - Fahrenheit

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