The Post Falls History Walk

Lee Brugger: Businessman & Farmer






Mural Figure Painted by Linda Fabrizius

Sponsored by a Governor’s Innovative Grant Award

Hosted by Designer I Hair Fashions

at 702 Spokane Street


Written by Ms. Hammon’s 4th Graders with Help



Kimberly Rice Brown, Historian



          Lee Brugger arrived by horse and buggy to Post Falls in 1905.  He attended high school in Post Falls and later went on to business college, worked at a bank, and opened his own grocery store. 


        Mr. Brugger loved the land and was a farmer until he got old.  He farmed the land where WalMart is on Mullan Avenue in Post Falls, and grew all kinds of crops including squash, pumpkins, beans, corn, and apples.  Interstate 90 runs right through what used to be his pumpkin field!  His home still stands today on Seltice Avenue and is used as a daycare business today.


        Mr. Brugger was an early leader in Post Falls.  He helped with the irrigation project to get water all the way from Hayden Lake to the farmers in Post Falls.  He also served on the Post Falls School Board.  Lee Brugger was a generous, kind, and hard working man. - Fahrenheit

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