The Post Falls History Walk

How You Can Help

Each mural in the Post Falls History Walk costs between $200 and $500 depending on its size.  This covers the cost of paint, supplies, and the high density hard board on which the figures are each painted, along with a small artist's stipend.  Contributions are accepted at the Post Falls Historical Society in Post Falls, Idaho.  Mailing address:  P.O. Box 57, Post Falls, ID  83877.  Please clearly mark your donation "PF History Walk" and let us know how you would like to be listed as a sponsor on our website.  If you would like to speak with someone please call Ponderosa Elementary School  and ask for Kathy Baker or leave a message (Phone: (208)773-1508.  Fax: (208)773-0789).

Building "hosts" are needed for the murals.  While the initial murals are located in the downtown corridor, future murals will be located throughout Post Falls.  If you are the owner of a building or business in Post Falls and are willing to have a life sized cut out mural figure installed on your building, please contact Maddy's mom Kathy Baker at Ponderosa Elementary School in Post Falls, Idaho.  The figures, painted on hardboard, would be screwed into your building's exterior.  Metal figures would be cemented into the ground. - Fahrenheit

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