The Post Falls History Walk

Evelyn Seyforth: Making Lemonade out of Life's Lemons


Evelyn Seyforth



Family Grocer & Church Historian


Mural Figure Painted by Linda Fabrizius

Sponsored by the Post Falls Education Foundation

Hosted by Handy Mart

at 312 N. Spokane Street


Written by Mr. Rice’s 2007-2008 4th Graders


          Evelyn Seyforth was a very compassionate person.  When life gave Evelyn lemons she turned them into lemonade.  She was so nice that she gave up her dream of going to college and becoming a nurse to take care of her mother when she had a stroke. She also had a lovely voice.


        Evelyn graduated from the Post Falls High School.  She preserved pictures of early Post Falls.  Evelyn also documented the history of the Presbyterian Church, now a cultural arts center next to the city hall.


Evelyn’s family owned the Seyforth Grocery.  She worked there for fifty-four years.  She had customers write an “I owe you” note if they didn’t have money to buy groceries.  Evelyn kept the IOUs until they earned the money to pay her back.  If they didn’t pay her back she would forget about it.  When she died she had $80,000 worth of IOUs in her safe.


Evelyn Seyforth made a difference in Post Falls.

Photograph and text sent by relative of Evelyn Seyforth, Carol Taylor. 

Here is the photograph of the Seyforth store from my grandmother's collection. She was the daughter of George Seyforth brother of William and Uncle to Evelyn Seyforth. My grandmother was adopted by her mother's second husband and never really stayed in contact with George. I'm trying to find out more about George Seyforth.  All I know is that George lived with his brother's family for a time and help out with the store. He died in 1959, last residence was in a rest home in Hayden Lake.

I believe that the people standing in front of the store is (L to R), Bob (Robert), Evelyn and George Seyforth. I guess the car makes can point to about the time (1948-1959). I have collected information about the life and history of William Seyforth and family. - Fahrenheit

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