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Edgar Seiter: Cannery Owner and Mayor

Edgar Seiter 



Cannery Owner & Mayor


 Mural Figure Painted by Linda Fabrizius

Sponsored by Helen Seiter Knott, Daughter

 of Edgar Seiter

Hosted by Post Falls Dry Cleaners

   at 606 N. Spokane Street


Written by Mrs. Wagner’s 2007-2008 4th Graders



          Edgar Seiter was born on a farm in Washington.  He came from a large German family.  Edgar went to school in Washington.  After graduating from the 8th grade, Mr. Seiter went to work in Post Falls, Idaho.


        Mr. Seiter built a cannery in Post Falls on four and a half acres.  He canned dog food, cherries, beans, pumpkins, tomatoes, tomato sauce, and ketchup.  The cannery was the largest of its kind in North Idaho.


        Education was very important to Mr. Seiter.  He was a board member of North Idaho College.   Mr. Seiter donated money to N.I.C.  There is a building there today that is named after him.


        Edgar was the mayor of Post Falls from 1951 until 1961.  Lots of people liked him because he didn’t just think about himself.  He owned Treaty Rock, yet generously decided to donate this land to the city of Post Falls.  Treaty Rock is recognized as an important place and contains Indian pictographs and Frederick Post’s name chiseled into a large rock dating back to 1871.


        Mr. Seiter died of old age in 1968.  His house still remains and his relatives still live in Post Falls. Edgar Seiter is a very important person in Post Falls history.

Below: The front page of the Post Falls High School newsletter from December 19, 1940 featuring an article on Edgar Seiter's cannery. - Fahrenheit

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