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Ann Young

ABOVE: Kimball Engineer, Ken Lambie (r), and coworker install the figure of Ann Young outside of the Young House, which is on the National Historic Registry.  Ken's colleauge Jody Lizotte, was a part of the first River City Leadership Academy (2008-2009).  This group of 18 movers and shakers helped History Walk founder, Maddy Baker, solve two problems: 1) figures could not be attached to buildings on the Historic Registry, and 2) some privately owned businesses did not have the flat exterior walls necessary to install the figures.  Engineer Ken worked with mural artist Linda Fabrizius to create the outlines of the figures, then using Kimball Office technology, custom cut the half inch thick metal figures.


The figure of Ann Young stands outside of the Victorian-Queen Anne style home built in 1910 by Samuel & Ann Young, as their family residence. 

Samuel Young was born on October 16, 1845 in Tansley, Derbyshire, England, the son of Benjamin Young and Martha Wilkinson.   Ann was born September 10, 1848 in South Normanton, Derbyshire, England, the daughter of James Bamford and Eliza White.

They married July 20, 1867 in South Normanton, Derbyshire, England and had 12 children.

They moved to America in 1882, settling at Evanston, Wyoming. In January, 1896, they came to Post Falls.

Samuel was a farmer and an inn keeper. He built one of the first hotels in town.  Ann was a mother and wife and was known for her beautiful gardens.  The Young’s were deeply involved with community affairs and the development of Post Falls.  Samuel also served as chairman of the school board.

Samuel died February 10, 1929 and Ann died on January 25, 1933, both here in Post Falls.

The building has been referred to by several names including the Reynolds house, while it was owned by Oscar & Kate (Peters) Reynolds for over 30 years.  Kate was known for her flower and vegetable gardens, especially her black tulips, apple pies, and a giant Christmas cactus that she kept at the landing at the top of the stairs.  Oscar was a business owner.

This home was placed on the National & Idaho State Register of Historic Places for its architecture,distinctive wood work and trim, as well as the involvement and contribution of the Youngs in the community of Post Falls.

Now owned by John & Tina-Marie Schultz, it is the home of Rosa’s Italian Market & Deli.  The Schultz’ are longtime residents of Post Falls, with a deep love of the history of the area and the dedication for the preservation of this beautiful historic home. 

Idaho Register of Historic Places: Record No. 970709/97000765

National Register of Historic Places: 07-09-1997 Record No209414


 Above: Mary Reynolds (R) and her sister.

 Above: One of Mary Reynold's daughters and a grandson standing in front of the Ann Young house.  The Chapin building (currently housing the Historical Museum of Post Falls) can be seen to the left in the photo. - Fahrenheit

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