The Post Falls History Walk

Alphonso "Alf" Webster





Mural Figure Painted by Linda Fabrizius

Sponsored by the Post Falls Education Foundation

Hosted by Bill Millsap

at 318 Spokane Street


Co-owner of Farmers Trading Post

Two Term Mayor, Community Leader


Written by Ms. Hammon’s 2007-2008 4th Graders


          Do you know who ran the first trading post in Post Falls?  Alphonso Webster did.  Mr. Webster was a German immigrant who first settled in Illinois.  Then he came west and loved the area here at Post Falls.  He thought it was a great place for families and businesses.  The trading post he ran was called The Farmer’s Trading Company.


Alf was a business leader in the early 1900s.  He organized other business owners and formed the Post Falls Chamber of Commerce. 


As a business leader, Mr. Webster served as mayor of Post Falls, not once, but twice!  He wanted more opportunities for his family, his friends, and his community to be active.  So he built the Post Falls Oddfellows Hall.


Alphonso Webster helped Post Falls because he was a good business leader and his work reflects on Post Falls today.  A good man is a good leader.  Mr. Webster made Post Falls a better place for all of the families living here today. - Fahrenheit

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